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Precision Industries, Inc.
3002 East Court Street
Flint, Michigan 48506  USA

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From Concept to Completion...

From concept to completion, Precision Industries is the structural foam specialist. We have established a reputation in the industry as a competitive source of structural foam molds and molded parts. Nothing less than Precision will do when it comes to getting the quality you deserve.

Complementing our design and mold building services, Precision offers custom molding of structural foam parts using a variety of materials. We can also provide secondary assembly and machining services for your custom molding needs. We perform strict quality control and inspection processes on all our production orders to ensure that we mold your product to your exact specifications.

Precision has extensive experience in a broad range of product areas. Following is just a partial list of products where we applied the structural foam solution for our customers.

bullet Automotive components
bullet Basketball backboards
bullet Crypts & casket liners
bullet Custom enclosures
bullet Custom material handling trays
bullet Custom pallets, parts & totes 
bullet Greenhouse benches
bullet Mushroom growing trays
bullet Retail product display bins
bullet Truck bed tool boxes


Structural Foam Molding is the solution for durable, cost-effective shipping dunnage.  



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Precision Industries, Inc.
3002 East Court Street
Flint, Michigan USA 48506
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