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Structural Foam Specialists

We specialize in structural foam molds & molding. Parts produced using structural foam are especially well suited for applications where strength & durability are main concerns. Among the industries using structural foam products are:

bullet Agricultural
bullet Automotive
bullet Electronics
bullet Industrial material handling
bullet Landscaping
bullet Recreational & sporting goods

Structural foam molding combines plastic with nitrogen or other materials to produce a cellular structure in plastic parts. Parts produced using the structural foam process are stronger, more durable and weigh less than alternatives, such as wood, fiberglass, cast plastic & metal parts. In addition, structural foam parts are 100% recyclable–an important factor in today’s ecologically-minded business environment.

Aluminum Structural Foam Molds are the best solution for today's manufacturing concerns. They offer savings in production lead time, mold cost and mold cycle time.



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Precision Industries, Inc.
3002 East Court Street
Flint, Michigan USA 48506
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